Transforming Brain Health

The Brain Performance Institute (BPI) opens its doors to the public today after a week-long series of celebrations. The Page-designed project was conceived by Center for BrainHealth Founder and Chief Director Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman and visionaries at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Located next to the existing Center for BrainHealth, the three-story, 62,000-square-foot facility includes an expansive lobby atrium with adjacent meeting spaces, 34 training rooms, two MRI labs and a virtual reality suite as well as offices and collaborative spaces for researchers and clinicians all supported by back-of-house areas.

The building design is defined by an iconic glass ellipse punctuated with steel fins. Reminiscent of the brain’s frontal lobe, the elegant volume houses the grand lobby, with its reception area and lounge as well as multipurpose classrooms and breakout areas. It emerges from an L-shaped volume clad in dark fiber cement panel punctuated by slender windows detailed with thin, projecting steel frames. Clinical spaces, private offices, collaborative workspaces and labs provide more intimate areas in this section of the building.  

BPI will deliver science-based innovations to the general public with a mission to enhance brain health, heal brain injury and manage or treat brain diseases. Its diverse clients include veterans and their families, patients with dementia and their families, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families as well as people of all ages looking to enhance their brain health cognition.

See articles in Dallas Innovates “Brain Performance Institute Derives Design Inspiration from Human Brain Itself” and Dallas Morning News “The big business behind why Dallas researchers want to get into your brain” for more information on the mission and grand opening of the project. To learn more about how BPI approaches brain health, see the short video produced by the institute below.