Joanna Jenkins


Senior Associate / Sustainable Design Specialist


Joanna Jenkins, Director, Sustainable Design at Page, knows that great effort will result in even greater results. As an amateur alpine mountaineer, Joanna loves the Cascades and has climbed Mt. Hood, Mt. Shasta and Mt. St. Helens. The challenge of climbing pays off with breathtaking views that deepen her commitment to conservation. Joanna strives for similar summits in her projects at Page, where she knows thoughtful design effort leads to high performance projects.

Her role in Sustainable Design at Page draws from an extensive understanding of both green building strategies and certification schemes. She works to ensure the highest level of LEED certification can be achieved within each project’s scope, schedule, and budget. She also mentors and trains architects and engineers in sustainable design concepts and is continually encourages exploration in this area. Accreditations in LEED, BREEAM, and Estidama give Joanna an international perspective on sustainable designs strategies. In 2010, she became the first U.S. citizen accredited as a BREEAM AP.

Joanna believes creativity, collaboration and commitment are critical in sustainable design. The challenge of creating high performance projects requires creative thinking and open communication across all disciplines. “Even the simplest of strategies,” explains Joanna, “such as collecting and storing stormwater for use in landscape irrigation, requires close coordination. It involves the architect, owner, civil engineer, landscape architect and facility management. Communication is everything”.